T.Coleman is Blogging

15 Oct

I am usually a person that cannot seem to stop talking; however, when being asked to write on demand, I cannot think of a word to say. Here it goes.

I will start with a little background about myself. Before post secondary I had travelled around South East Asia, countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and finishing up in Thailand. I left straight after high school at the age of seventeen and do not regret one minute of the trip. Traveling through third world countries has taught me to be thankful for what I have in life and where I am today. After returning to Vancouver, I enrolled in Psychology and Sociology at Langara College. Big mistake. Turns out I didn’t want to be a teacher or social worker; I wanted to travel some more. Therefore, off to Australia I went.

I left home by myself and flew into Sydney. I continued to travel around Australia, landing a job a a real estate agency. I was doing window cards and brochures, and enjoyed it so much I decided when I returned home I would go back to school and study New Media Design.

I am now a New Media Design & Web Development student at British Columbia Institute of Technology. I am hoping to get into page layout and design as a career post graduation, but I am thoroughly enjoying the entire program, so my career path could soon change.   Even though we are nearing the third week of study I feel that I will end up loving the program.

Having no experience in graphic design or the programs Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash, it all can be a bit overwhelming; however, with the help of the instructors and fellow classmates, understanding the software has not been an issue. Everyone at the school is very accommodating and even though we’re approaching the end of week two, I feel more knowledgeable already.

Ideally, I would like to become more efficient on the computer, being able to navigate my way through programs seamlessly and have complete understanding of Photoshop at the end of the year. The class I am writing this for is Communications. By familiarizing ourselves with the web and the media around us, we are opening ourselves up to new concepts all the time. New media is forever changing and growing; therefore, we need to stay on top of things, and for me, that is creating a blog or technically speaking, a content management system.

I am not sure what will come out of my blog’s continuous development, but it will allow me to branch out to prospective clients in the future and explain my qualifications in non-resume or portfolio format. As children, young adults, or even old adults, we dream, aspire and have goals in life that are met, and unfortunately some not. My aspiration in life is to do page layout and design for a major magazine. We won’t name any names because there are too many fabulous ones to name, but at this point in my path to a steady career, I would be happy placing the obituaries in the free local newspaper.

Well, this about sums up my blog for today. It’s the end of a long day at school and my stomach is talking to me. I hope you enjoyed “me” in a nutshell.

And to all you future employers, if you hire me, I will not let you down.


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