Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

22 Oct

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills

Discussing the pragmatic approach to hard skills versus the dynamic approach to soft skills is the top of today’s blog. There are various black or white technical skills or “hard skills” we are developing throughout the New Media & Web Development program; however, there are numerous “soft skills” we are supposed to acquire as well.

Firstly, hard skills are the matter of fact tasks we learn. These include applications such as Photo Shop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. Programs like these need to be utilized in a specific way. There may be shortcuts within the program, but the overall technicality is universal. Either you know it or you don’t. We are all taking this program to become more familiar, or familiarize ourselves with various software. Actually, that’s a lie; we are taking the program to become experts with the software, not just familiarize ourselves. In this field we’re all hoping to be successful, but without the necessary skills, we won’t go very far.

Secondly, soft skills are a set of skills such as communication, attitude, creativity, thinking, and how we voice ourselves both on paper and in person. A soft skill isn’t something you can learn; I mean, yes you can observe an instructor teaching a class on communication, take notes all you want, but at the end of the day, your voice is your voice.

Furthermore, you do need both of these skills to succeed in the industry, but for some, acquiring one or the other, or in some cases both, can be quite difficult, if not near impossible. Personally, for me to fully understand and comprehend the hard technical skills, I have to completely absorb myself into the application and read and re-read notes and examples. Speaking from a female perspective, and I don’t know if I’m going off on a tangent here, but I believe that most women have more of a understanding of soft skills. To me, it seems like men are more technically inclined, maybe they think more with the left side of their brain, and women the right, I don’t know, but I know for me as a woman, I need to do a lot more study when technicalities come into play than I do when creativities come into play.

I rest my case; my professor just said I needed to work on my technical skills. So, until next week when I know where I’m going wrong. I’m signing off.



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