Photoshop as a New Media Student

12 Nov


It’s been 4 weeks of Photoshop and I’m pleasantly surprised with the application. I’m not actually sure if it’s the efficient instructor we have, or my passion for photo manipulation. Either way, with the short amount of background I have, I’m able to do so much to a photo I would never have even attempted before. The many applications available in photoshop take practice, however, with patience and persistence, you’re able to create different looks from simple tools. I have had my struggles throughout the program, and some of them I’ve yet to overcome. I find photoshop is difficult to play around with and achieve the look or manipulation you’re looking for if you don’t completely understand the commands. Even though I have the basic understanding, it’s still taking hours of practice to accomplish desirable images.


Tools Within the Application

Some of my favourite tools to use in photoshop are the dodge tool, blur tool, and the clone stamp tool. With the dodge tool, you’re able to lighten areas of the photo that seem too dark. For example, under eye areas are a common place that usually needs adjusting. This tool can also be used around clouds if there’s sun shining through. The blur tool is pretty self-explanatory. You guessed it, blurring parts of the photo. I usually use this to make motion blur behind vehicles or on particular faces that need to be evened out. The clone stamp tool is probably my favourite thus far. It’s used for multiple purposes such as: cloning parts of the photo like clothing, water, grass, and parts of peoples’ bodies. To use this function, hold down ‘option’ while taking a sample of the area you wish to clone, and continue to click where you would like to add the new area. This tool can also remove parts of the photo too. It gets tricky when rebuilding an area of the photo that was originally hidden behind an object as you would have to draw and add in particular aspects that weren’t in the picture before.

As you can see, with just a few tools there is such vast opportunity to create and manipulate photos to any degree. They all take practice and patience, but after being in the course for just a few short weeks, by the end of the year I feel that I will have mastered Photoshop and the possibilities will be endless in photo manipulation


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