Print vs. Web

19 Nov

The way information is portrayed varies greatly from print material to Web material.


Web-based content is scannable and quick to the point. The user wants to compile their own segments from various sources to build a knowledge base. The information that is on the internet mustn’t be in depth, have small paragraphs, and placed accordingly on the page to where the user scans the page; which is from the centre first. There must also be headlines, as the user wants to find the information they’re looking for quickly because if the information isn’t there directly, the user won’t spend the time looking for it. Reading from a computer monitor is 25% slower than reading from print; thus, increasing eyestrain and fatigue.


Print based content is lengthier and more in-depth. The user relies on the author to narrate the information to him and more or less control the reader in the direction they will go. The reader usually wants to be engrossed in the text and has more time to digest the information. Print is said to be more concrete as it’s actually printed opposed to posted, edited and reposted on the web by who knows who. Also, print based content can have more in the title and heading because the user isn’t using a search engine to find the information, so it won’t restrict the search ability.

To achieve optimal results, each style of writing requires a unique and distinct style of writing.


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