Where is the Future Going?

26 Nov

Is New Media Writing Relevant?

The Reader

Believe it or not, the way we’re getting our information is primarily web based now. Just ten years ago people relied on hard copy books and newspaper. Today, our resources are found on the internet, whether it’s a news website, or through a search engine. Because of this, the way that authors portray their information has to be short, precise and to the point. The facts have to be accessible and easy to find. Readers don’t want to search for the information , and if that’s what they have to do, they will move on even if the content they are looking for is somewhere on the page. The reader will scan the information and take what minimal information their eyes actually grasp.

This Generation

Writing for the web versus print is a hard skill to acquire; however, if people want their information read, this is the way to go. Many print companies are going out of business now because the internet is accessible everywhere you go now, and a lot cheaper than purchasing print materials. The world is becoming faster paced and on-the-go all the time. I always thought my grandparents sat around because they were getting old and tired, but talking to them about my generation has opened my eyes. They simply sit down and enjoy their coffee, enjoy their time reading the paper, and sit down to “take in the day,”whereas our generation sit down to go to the washroom, drink coffee because we worked too late the night before, and read the paper because we missed the hockey game last night. We’re no doubt in a world that is evolving to become more efficient and have the motto get-things-done-quicker, but how fast is too fast?

Web Language

Manners are being jeopardized because speech and grammar is being practiced via the web. Children are typing and texting in short form, communicating with their Blackberry’s, Instant Messengers, and Facebook. Are my children’s children going to know how to spell ‘laugh out loud’? Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but really, will essays be mandatory in school, or will there be lectures on Proper use of Facebook? I feel already that I am less educated than my parents. Sometimes I sit on the fence with the internet being so easily accessible only because it’s a fabulous resource when you need to know something simple, but it’s also there when taking notes and searching for the information in an encyclopedia can be of great use.

Everyone wants the newest technology and the best gadget. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and competition is fierce (as Tyra Banks would say) but when is it all enough? Will we ever stop and smell the roses again, or is that going to be an application on our iPhone soon?


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