Chicks Rule

2 Dec


Social Media & the Woman in You

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, RockYou, and Flickr are being dominated more and more by women as the years go on. Statistics show that women are increasingly more likely to join social groups and use these social groups to communicate. Men on the other hand, especially over 30 aren’t even joining social networks. However, men and women in their twenties are just as likely to join these networks. The reason for the drastic decline in men over 30 is because men tend to use the networks as a tool to meet women, whereas women use the networks primarily for communication.

Where is the future going?

Well, by the trend so far, the target audience is women. Have you noticed how the majority of Facebook’s applications are female orientated? The website has applications like “Aquarium”, “Cafe World”, and “Farmville.” Yes, men probably play this, but the majority will be women. Sites such as RockYou are all glitz and glamour-another site targeted to women. The gaming world is mostly Warcraft-style or Grand Theft Auto-style games which aren’t played through social media sites.

Go Us

Making up half the world’s population, “women” is a pretty large group, and not surprisingly, the top activity for women online is shopping.  The third most popular activity is social networking, which is also not a surprise given the stereotype that women just love to talk. As this pattern is pretty evident, should we target our sites to mostly women? In my opinion I think this is a pretty good call. I wouldn’t go as far as adding glitter to your webpage, but applications that are female friendly would definitely be an asset.

Take A Stand

Since women are so valuable in the social media world, it’s surprising we don’t see more female executives targeting this market. Us women need to be proud of our social media skills and step up to the men in power. We are the ones leading this revolution so why not get the credentials for it!


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